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Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light

  • Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light
  • Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light
  • Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light
  • Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light

Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light

Model: ULIKE-Square panel light



Lumen: 85LM/W

Color Tem.: 2700-6500K

Power Factor≥ 0.90

Dimmable: Yes

Ultra Slim LED Square Panel Light 

LED Square Panel Down lights are ideal retrofit and direct replacement for traditional flourescent tubes light fittings. The new LED light source offers natural light colours and saves up to 50% more compared to energy saving flourescent tubes. The product’s long lifetime and excellent lumen performance, minimize the hassle of relamping, ballast replacement and also reducing maintenance costs.


Model Wattage Voltage LED qty Lumen Hole Size Product Size
ULIKE-SPL-3W 3W AC85-265V 2835 15pcs 270lm Ø70mm Ø85mm
ULIKE-SPL-4W 4W AC85-265V 2835 20pcs 360lm Ø90mm  Ø105mm
ULIKE-SPL-6W 6W AC85-265V 2835 30pcs 540lm Ø105mm Ø120mm
ULIKE-SPL-9W 9W AC85-265V 2835 45pcs 810lm Ø130mm Ø145mm
ULIKE-SPL-12W 12W AC85-265V 2835 60pcs 1080lm Ø155mm Ø170mm
ULIKE-SPL-15W 15W AC85-265V 2835 75pcs 1350lm Ø175mm Ø190mm
ULIKE-SPL-18W 18W AC85-265V 2835 90pcs 1620lm Ø205mm Ø225mm





1.Commercial Lighting, Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping malls

2.Office Lighting, Retail & Grocery Stores, Showrooms, Airports

3.Warehouse Lighting, Galleries, Hospitals, Warehouses

4.Super market Lighting, institution buildings. 


1. This product should be installed by trained electricians. 

2. Do not connect wires with electric, make sure the correct connection of wires, then connect with electric.

3. Do not use other led driver to match the luminaries. 

4. Remove the protective film after installation.

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