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LED Floodlight With PIR Motion

  • LED Floodlight With PIR Motion
  • LED Floodlight With PIR Motion
  • LED Floodlight With PIR Motion
  • LED Floodlight With PIR Motion

LED Floodlight With PIR Motion

Model: ULIKE-FLP-series

Input voltage: AC85-265V/12V

Color Tem: 2700-6500K

Lumen: 90-100lm/w

Beam angle: 90°/120°

IP Grade: IP65

10W 20W 30W 50W LED Flood Light with PIR Sensor

The LED is energy efficient, using up to 80% less than halogen models, making this 10W an environmentally friendly alternative to a 150W Halogen, at the same light output. The cost to run is also significantly less with a payback period of less than 6 months. Housed in a die-cast aluminium case with rubber cable, the light is IP65 rated, and features an adjustable bracket for various light positioning. The PIR has a detection distance of up to 12m and a 180° angle, making this suitable for use as a security light.


1. Motion detector unit automatically switches on when approached by vehicles or people. 

2. Mounted in die-cast powder coated aluminium housing with wall bracket. 

3. State of the art COB LED technology allows ultra bright illumination whilst still keeping costs lower than traditional halogen bulbs. 

4. Even spread of light across a 120° angle. 

5. Fitted with adjustable sensitivity and light duration controls. 

6. Supplied without mains cable and suitable for outdoor mounting.


Wattage 10W 20W 30W  50W
Input Voltage AC85-265V/12V AC85-265V/12V AC85-265V/12V AC85-265V/12V
Lumen Efficiency 90-100lm/w 90-100lm/w 90-100lm/w 90-100lm/w
Product size H160*W115mm H190*W180mm H233*W225mm H285*W285mm
IP Grade IP65
Housing color Gray/Black
Color Tempreture 2700-6500K
Beam angle 90°/120°
Working/storing temperature -30~45°c
Housing material die-casting aluminum
Life span





Residential Buildings, Home,Office, Meeting Room ,School, Library, Factory, Warehouse,Hotel, Casino, Parking Garage, Hospital, Commercial Center, Supermarket, Shopping mall, anywhere you want.

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