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Ulikeled Lighting, a reliable manufacturer and supplier of led lamps from China,founded in 2005, more than 10 years experience is development & production of LED Lighting Products.With 2000m2 non-dust workshop, strickly conducts ISO9001 whole processing and quality control, that’s why we can win high praise in domestic and oversea customers. Our main products include LED Light Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Panel Lights, LED Spot Lights, LED Floodlights, LED Highbay Lights, LED Strip Lights, etc. We are committed to delivering cutting edge lighting technologies through our innovatively designed, sophisticatedly engineered, and robustly tested LED lights.To help our customer to gain a big market share, we are dedicated to offering superior LED Products and service.

Focus on green lighting, Focus on green life. Be professional, innovate, Ulikeled will continue to promote the development of LED industry.

What we do?
Industrial Design
The Industrial Design Department, have 4 national certificated industrial designer and hired experienced industrial experts to be our technical adviser, the design center conducts massive in-depth market research aiming to transcend traditional lighting with LED innovations and to facilitate the upgrading of the LED lighting products. With thermal jarring machine, UV aging tester, constant temperature and humidity testing equipment etc, we are capable to perform comprehensive testing on physical protection and life span to ensure the quality of products before entering the market.
Optoelectronics Lab
Advance optoelectronics testing equipements, such as distribution photometer and lighting color elect. The lab is capable of exporting IES documents, testing light curve and measuring led light performance data including watt, brightness, CRI, Color temperature, providing customers with comprehensive LED technical solutions. With professional optical engineers and lighting engineers, we can provide LED testing, data collection and organization to fully meet customers needs. We also can provide the light designs with the DIAlux to provide a report showing the exact lamps and quantity needed to lighting a special environments. We provide one-stop purchasing service, from Lamps choices, Quantity, Shippment, Installations until after sales services and maintenance.
LED Light Source encapsulation
 In 1955, Rubin Braunestein from Radio Corporation of America found the infrared radiation effect of the GaAs and other semiconductor alloys, in 1962, Nick Holoyak Jr from GE developed the visible LED. However, the real take off  LED was in the 1990s, Japanese Nichia(Nichia Chemical Industrial Ltd), Shuji Nakamura achieved a major breakthrough in the gallium nitride(GaN) research in 1994 and 1995, found the Blue LED, following the major breakthrough of the blue LED technology, the white LED officially launched the era of extensive LED applications.
In 2005, Ulikeled start to make the LED light sources, SMD, high power, COB, we also call it Encapsulations. All are adopted with high quality raw materials. To make a LED lights source, we will use, Chips(Epsitar or Bridgelux), Leadframe from HORN, Gold Wire from Heraeus, Dow Corning Glue, Phosphor from Intermatix.This is one of our advantage.
Finally, we assemble the housing, aluminum PCB with LED, Driver together, then test it. All the LED lamps will be tested for 24 hours before shippment to make sure everything is working well and steady.
LED Lamps are designed to replace the traditional CFL and incandescent bulbs, Two main advantages of the led lamps. The led lasts 4 to 30 times longer than ordinary light bulbs. At the same time only use about 30 to 50 precent energy. With this two benifits, longer lifespan, energy saving, all this mean money saving. CFL bulbs only have 10,000 hours lifetime, but LED bulbs can last 50,000 hours, with such advantages, why not choose the LED lamps to replace the traditional filament bulbs, CFL bulbs. Let’s go green, and make a green future.

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