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600x1200x9mm LED Panel Light

  • 600x1200x9mm LED Panel Light

600x1200x9mm LED Panel Light

Model: ULIKE-60120-72W

Voltage: AC85-265V

Beam Angle: 120°

Available in Daylight, Natural and Warm

Aluminium frame to aid heat dissipation

Warranty: 3 Years

600X1200X9mm LED Panel Light

Ulike 600 x 1200 LED panels are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and are designed to fit directly into existing standard suspended ceilings and recesses, or can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls. Our LED panel lighting solutions are ideal for offices, meeting rooms, corridors and classrooms.

Fast and simple to install, it replaces the standard 4 x 18W T8 lay-in module to provide energy efficient, but perhaps more importantly, low maintenance solutions where constant replacement of fluorescent tubes and cleaning of the fitting can be avoided.

Dimmable and emergency versions available.


Item Model ULIKE-60120-72W
Dimension 600x1200x9mm
Input Voltage AC85-265V
Led Type SMD2835
Material Aluminum +PMMA
Lumen 85LM/W
Color Temperature Warm white, Pure white,Cool white
Beam Angle 120 degree
CRI >80
PF >0.90
Power Supply External
Dimmable Yes
LED emitting LED side emitting
Lifespan 30,000Hours
Working Temp .-20-50°C




1.Commercial Lighting, Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping malls

2.Office Lighting, Retail & Grocery Stores, Showrooms, Airports

3.Warehouse Lighting, Galleries, Hospitals, Warehouses

4.Super market Lighting, institution buildings.




1.Turn off the power switch

2.Connect the input-terminal with utility power(AC85-265V) by using wire-unit, make certain that nocopper wire is bared

3.Connect the out-terminal DC plug of current driver with the lamps DC plug, insure this connection is secure

4.Fix the lamp and current driver to the suitable place by convenient installation

5.Turn on the power switch

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